October 25, 2022

Top 5 Tools for Selling Immunocal Sport

You probably already know that many of the world’s elite athletes use Immunotec products to maintain a strong immune system, maximize intensity workouts, improve their performance and recover quickly. (By the way, our athlete ambassadors receive no compensation for their testimonials and recommendations)! 

Leverage their testimonials to increase the opportunities that exist with sharing this product. Here are the top 5 tools you have at your disposal to build a strong Immunocal Sport consumer base: 

5. Follow the exploits of athlete ambassadors. 

We share a list of our ambassadors, the sports they compete in and their social media profiles, so be sure to follow them and learn about their great achievements! Find the list HERE.

4. Build credibility with the athlete brochure

If world-class athletes like these rely on Immunotec products, imagine what they can do for the sports, health and wellness needs of those you know!

Tell the world that Immunocal is a product consumed by the athletes in this brochure and show them the testimonials they’ve shared. 

3. Become their “storyteller”!

You will receive periodic, in-depth information about these athletes via email.  You will learn more about their successes, likes and dislikes, hobbies, how they take Immunocal, what their training routine looks like, and more.

Read them, get inspired, and tell others about them – you’ll look like an expert on sports and sports supplementation!

2. Share the videos!

Several of our athlete ambassadors have shared their Immunocal experience – we have their videos! Find them and share them here.

1. Join Team Sport!

Nothing better than leading by example. By purchasing a box of Immunocal Sport for two consecutive months, you will be part of this community. 

You will be able to purchase exclusive accessories, receive special recognition and share your improvement in sports performance (no matter if you are an amateur or not). 

As you know. Immunocal Sport is the winning product of many high-performance athletes, Olympians, professionals and persons of all walks to life. It can also be the star product of many of your acquaintances – share the good news!

Written By: Carolina Moreno

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