Follow The Exploits of Our Immunocal Athletes!

By Randy Gage

As you probably know, Immunotec products are used by many of the world’s elite athletes. They take them to strengthen their immunity, train longer, improve their performance, and recover faster. (By the way, our athlete ambassadors never receive compensation for their endorsements!) Immunocal, Platinum and Sport are all Informed Sport Certified – which means they meet all anti-doping standards and are free of any banned substances.  As a result, these products are used by professional athletes, NCAA champs, national and international record holders, and even Olympic medalists!



Here’s a list of some of our ambassadors, the sports they compete in, and their social media profiles.  Be sure and follow their exploits! 

Athlete Instagram Sport IG URL
Pat Tiernan: @tiernan_pat Long-distance track and road running
Kate French: @katefrench3 Modern Pentathlete
Joanna (Jo) Muir @jomuir_194 Modern Pentathlete
Hanna Green: @hgreenrun Running
Will Paulson: @wda_paulson Track Running
Angel Piccirillo: @angelp_1010 Track Running
Mick Stanovsek: mick_stana Track Running
Melanie Margalis: @mmargalis Swimming
Chris Thompson: @thommo26.2 Running
Osmar Olvera @osmardiver05 Diving
Randal Willars: @randalwillars Diving
Hassan Mead: @hassyhass35 Running

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