March 28, 2024

Celebrating Growth and Inspiration  

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of not one or two but THREE of our Consultants who have reached the esteemed ranks of Senior Platinums and Platinum within our Immunotec Community! 🥳✨ 

A Huge Congratulations to: 

• Juan Carlos Requena  – Senior Platinum 

• Alba Pascual – Senior Platinum 

• Nerea Pascual – Platinum 

In these achievements, we witness more than just success; it’s a living testament to the growth and endless possibilities that come with embracing the Immunotec journey.  

🌟 Alba Pascual 

What inspires you? Meeting people filled with wisdom, old souls with deep knowledge of life. I’m inspired by testimonies, stories of health, and personal growth in business 

A fun fact about me? That I’m extremely quirky. Haha! 

What’s your secret to success? Clarity and absolute certainty of where I’m going when I set my mind to something; almost all my energy and time go toward it. 

What does it mean to be a good leader? Having  crystal-clear vision of where you’re going. A true leader inspires others to follow willingly, and to inspire, one must have a clear understanding of their own direction. And of course, it’s essential to lead by example

🌟 Nerea Pascual 

What inspires you? People’s true stories. Seeing someone who has achieved what I want or simply has something very clear and is determined to go for it inspires me greatly. I’m also inspired by people who are passionate about what they do, no matter what it is. 

A fun fact about me? All conversations end up revolving around my passion for Immunotec. 

What’s your secret to success? Working a lot, almost obsessively, having clear goals, and what I want to achieve. 

What does it mean to be a good leader? Being a good leader also means genuinely caring for others and wanting to help them. 

🌟 Juan Carlos Requena 

What inspires you? The possibility of impacting other lives with my own experience and wisdom from walking my own path. 

A fun fact about me? Sometimes I consider myself shy. When everyone tells me it’s not true, I think, “This crazy mind.” 

What’s your secret to success? Enjoying the journey while being aware of every step, connected to a purpose greater than myself. 

What does it mean to be a good leader? Someone who works focused on manifesting a grand vision and paving the way for others to walk it too

“Their stories not only demonstrate dedication and triumph but also embodies the remarkable growth of Immunotec in Europe. Congratulations on this incredible milestone!” stated, Aurelio Fernandez, Vice President Europe 

“Thank you for all the happiness you bring to our family! We celebrate this incredible milestone with you and wish you ongoing success and happiness in all you do!” Shared Mauricio Domenzain, Immunotec CEO  

Expanding Horizons 🌍 A New Chapter for Immunotec in Europe is in the Works 

As we celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of our new ranks, we are also excited to share a glimpse into our future. Immunotec is gearing up for expansion! Stay tuned… This marks a significant milestone in our journey as the #1 Leader in Glutathione Research, opening doors to new growth. Here’s to seizing opportunities and achieving remarkable success together!  

*Individual individual results may vary. Immunotec does not guarantee that anyone will make a specific amount of money. Success in any business requires leadership, skills, commitment, dedication and will depend on your effort. Immunotec’s ids is designed to convey truthful, timely, and complete information about the income that an immunotec Independent Consultant could earn. The IDs can be found under the legal tab at names, promotions and claims vary per market

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