November 10, 2022

Team Sport Presents: Hugo Leyva

If there’s one thing Hugo Leyva knows how to do, it is to work with perseverance every day. In finding the determination to improve his fitness and become a better version of himself, 6 months ago, he decided to make a change to a healthier lifestyle. I ran my first 10k in 3 weeks in an 1 hour and 5 minutes. I kept training and a month later I managed to run the 10k in 55 minutes. I think there is still a lot I can achieve,” he said, visibly moved.

As an Immunotec Independent Consultant, Hugo is devoted to his business and the development of his team, he now also invests his time in improving not only his finances, but his body as well.

  • How do you consume Immunocal Sport? 30 minutes before exercise”

  • Do you consume Immunocal Sport with any other product? Yes, with Immunocal Platinum and Immunocal Booster Energy Performance.

  • What would you say to those people who still don’t consume it? I invite you to join the challenge of consuming Immunocal Sport from now on, put yourself in action and discover the best version of you.

“From the first sachet of Immunocal Sport that I took, I felt that my sleep was deep and restful, I noticed a better physical performance in my strength and muscle recovery. When running I noticed that I had more capacity in my breathing and I could run more in less time,” he concluded.

Hugo’s progress in his performance and particularly in his discipline has made him a member of Team Sport, a community devoted to spreading the benefits of the product and motivating those who now train using this smart supplement.

Let’s celebrate the determination of Hugo Leyva, Team Sport Athlete of the Month!

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