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Episode 1: Plan Your Year

An interview with Mauricio Domenzain, our beloved Immunotec CEO

Since 2017, Mauricio has been at the helm of Immunotec, leading the charge in the wellness revolution. He has driven the company’s efforts to develop new products and spread the message of wellness globally. Utilizing his extensive background in product development, marketing and direct selling, he has successfully grown Immunotec’s presence to 14 countries. Under his leadership, the company has reached new heights.

On this premiere episode of our show, we’re thrilled to feature an incredible Senior Platinum level guest:

Juan Navarro, 9 years of tenure at Immunotec

When Juan first became a Consultant for Immunotec, he initially saw it as a way to supplement his income. However, over time, he came to realize the true potential of the company, recognizing that “I joined Immunotec thinking it would be a life project. I thought like an integral wellness project.”

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