January 25, 2023

Dream Big And Make It Happen

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential With Us At Immunofest✨

Experience is a valuable source of expertise in business and life. Surround yourself with support at ImmunoFEST April 14-15, 2023! Mentors, upline leaders, and supportive teams alike gather for our annual celebration to network and develop skills that will help you succeed in your business! 

“Events are the lifeblood of what we do. It was at our first convention back in 2011 that we made the decision to build our Immunotec business big. Since then, we have seen others make the same decision as we did because they attended an Immunotec event. It is very difficult to grow without attending and promoting events”

Angelo and Bricia Licari, Senior Platinum Consultants

– Mary Curiel, Platinum Consultant

“The results in any process of success come from our actions, and those actions reflect our decisions. Our decisions are ultimately determined by our emotions and thoughts, coming from our attitude and mindset which determines our results. Ultimately self-education is the direct path to transform our mindset and therefore our results. Events are the cornerstone to achieve this transformation, and thus to achieve the desired success in our Network Marketing venture.”

-Andres Londoño, Gold Consultant

Luis Allemant, Senior Platinum Consultant

“Attending Immunotec events provides me with three critical components for keeping my business going:  motivation, training, and community! The invest is something that I have ALWAYS budgeted for no matter what rank I have been because attending these trainings are crucial for the growth of my business, and me personally. To maintain momentum, I need to keep up with the latest skills and tools available. These are two components that we receive in depth at Immunotec trainings. I also enjoy networking with the Immunotec family. Meeting other team members and in particular top field leaders is extremely inspirational and strengthens my WHY for doing this business.”

– Dena Holmes, Diamond Consultant

Monica Hoffman, Platinum Consultant

I have been stuck a few times in my Immunotec career, I have seen that often in almost everybody at some point. Events are where I have always found the missing piece of what should be my next step to gain momentum.

Each event I attend with the mindset to learn, where I feed my ideas factory (my brain). When I started as a Silver Consultant, I attended as many events as I could, and recently in 2022 as a Platinum I attended all 3 Conventions (North America, LATAM and Europe) and received a different learning from each one which is why I am still attending as many of these big events as possible.

So is the investment worth it?

Well, I think if each event could only give me one idea to implement and grow my income each month, THAT WOULD BE A FANTASTIC INVESTMENT! (Pay my ticket and travel expenses once, to learn how to increase my monthly residual income!)

What is expensive is letting time pass, missing the opportunity to continue growing. I think not attending costs you from that day on, the money that you should be earning since that event you missed!

I have attended dozens of events in my career, and each one had a valuable impact on my business.

But where the magic happens is by taking your team with you, for them to get their own answers and ideas, to help grow their businesses… and make yours take off!

-Carlos Parra , Senior Platinum Consultant

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