December 8, 2022

Team Sport Presents: Nae García

It’s February 2022. Nae Garcia is checking out Immunotec’s next product launch at the annual Convention, unaware that this revolutionary product will change her life.

As the day draws to a close, she purchases the newly-released Immunocal Sport for the first time. As soon as Nae receives her product, she is eager to try it. Next morning, she wakes up at 4:30 a.m. Immediately, she mixes Immunocal Sport with Immunocal Platinum and Booster Performance.

Her best results come from taking the products 30 or 45 minutes before starting her workout. “Simply put, Immunocal Sport and Optimizer Performance have changed my life, because I am doing workouts that I never thought possible or imagined. My health has improved, and I am stronger. I have more stamina. I feel more fulfilled and incredibly happy.” she said when we spoke to her.

The performance of someone like Nae cannot be questioned, considering that she went from an occasional workout routine to a routine of 7 days a week while joining a highly competitive swim team.

Her athletic transformation is demonstrated by her achievements. During two open water crossings, she swam 3- and 6-kilometer sea routes, winning several medals for her team. “During my first state meet, I competed in five events. I took first place twice, second place twice, and third place one time against competitors with much more swimming experience than me. It was an incredible experience to win the second place overall medal for my category, something I would never have imagined I’d be able to accomplish. I am now training for my next 3.8 Km open water race,” she said proudly.

Nae’s motivation for working out isn’t really medals. By practicing a sport, she realized she could improve her quality of life and achieve well-being. “I am stronger than ever before and my quality of life is better than it has ever been. It is safe to say that I am living my prime, and I’m convinced that it is due to Immunocal Sport’s positive effects on my health.”

Getting to Know Nae

  • – Nationality: Mexican
  • – Immunotec Rank: Gold
  • – Time as an Immunotec Consultant: 12 years
  • – Sport: Competitive Swimming

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