November 25, 2022

Meet the Team Sport Athlete of the Month: Joanna Muir

13 years have passed since Joana Muir, the famous Olympic athlete, started training. As a pentathlete, she only needed to learn fencing since she had already dipped into horseback riding, track and field, swimming and shooting sports. She experienced a real revelation during her last Olympics in Tokyo. Her dream was finally becoming a reality.

Developing skills for a 5-in-1 sport is truly commendable. “What I like most about the modern pentathlon is that, due to its multidisciplinary nature, you can’t compare yourself with other athletes, since each has their own strengths and weaknesses. So you are always looking to improve yourself and not worry about others,” she says when asked about her sport.

While looking to constantly improve, Jo also wants to improve her daily training. One of her favorite parts of the day is when she finishes a really exhausting workout. During the year, she trains six days a week (except for three weeks of vacation), and the intensity varies according to the challenges of competitions. When preparing for a tournament, you focus on working on different parts of your body and refining details.

As Jo points out, recovery from exhausting days requires more than just training: “You need to rest, sleep well, eat well, and replenish your body with supplements.”

In this sense, she told us that her favorite Immunotec products are Immunocal, Immunocal Sport, and Booster Reds and Greens. I take them combined in the morning with breakfast and at night before going to bed.

“Taking Immunocal has helped me train more consistently since I was sick/hurt less often. I use it twice a day to help me recover from very intense trainings. In addition, I would love to take the Booster Reds and Greens since when we are out of the house competing or in camps, it’s hard to get all the vegetables we normally eat at home. I can head out knowing I’m getting all those antioxidants in my diet.” she said during an interview.

Jo Muir’s achievements

·     2020 World Cup / El Cairo: Gold

·     2021 World Cup / Hungary: Silver

·     2019 European Championship: 4th individual and Gold in the team test

·     2021 World Cup Final / Hungary: 6th place

·     2019 and 2020 Indoor Hungarian Championships: Gold

·     2019 World Cup / Prague: Gold in mixed substitutes

·     Tokyo Olympic Games: 14th place

We celebrate you Jo! 🎖

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