November 3, 2022

Adaptogen Benefits for Your Health with K-21+


Many have quoted stress as simply the adaptation that our bodies and minds need to make necessary changes. Unclench your jaw, drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth, relax your shoulders and take a deep breath đź’› … It’s ok to confess when our body and mind needs rest to better align with its needs. Support your body’s natural defenses with K-21+. An exclusive mineral herbal blend featuring  Rhodiola, known for its remarkable adaptogenic capacity.

1. What is an adaptogen? Derived from unique plants, adaptogens promote healthy adaptation and defense against physical, mental, biological, and chemical stressors. Multiple studies on Rhodiola have shown that it can have anti- depressant benefits, as well as stress and fatigue-reducing effects.*  

2. Why Rhodiola?  This small plant grows in northers regions of Europe and Asia and has been used for centuries as an adaptogen. It increases the healthy production of proteins that protect cells against damage. Promotes a heathy, pro-longevity mTOR metabolism and much more! It’s science traces back to the 1950’s, developed by Russian investigators to boost Olympic athletes’ resistance.  

3. K-21+; it’s all in here!  

Relationships, quality of food, sleep, chemical exposure, even posture are all things that impact our nervous system. Immunotec engineered K-21+ for greatness to support your body’s natural defenses:  

✨Rhodiola (Adaptogens) 









✨Acai Berry 

✨Acerola Cherry 




✨Shiitake Mushroom 

K-21+ not only helps to combat oxidative stress, and inflammation… but it also works to support you in strengthening your immune system! It does not contain gluten, parabens, artificial flavorings or sweeteners. It’s vegan and comes in a delicious Mango-Peach flavor. K21+ is easy to use; consume a scoop on its own or mix it in half a glass of water. And, as a part of our commitment to you, K21+ is Clean Label Certified. Which considers the strictest regulations to protect consumers from industrial, environmental, and chemical contaminants.    

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4. Exercise plays a huge role in mitigating stress.  When was the last time you got up from your desk or stepped away from the monitor? Moving your body will spark endorphins and help combat stress in a natural way.  


5. Experience the joy of joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals.  We are sending love to everyone who is trying their best to heal from stressful situations. Do your best to protect your peace and take small steps to better influence your social, emotional and psychological well-being.   

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If you only take one thing from this post – please let be this>> It’s ok to: 

đź’™Put yourself first  

đź’›Say no to plans  

đź’™Take a break and have a rest day  

đź’›Not return calls or emails right away  

đź’™ Talk with a loved one and consult a doctor and professional about how you are feeling

💛Get plenty of rest.  National Sleep Foundation guidelines  advise that healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. 

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Written by: Nourhan Wael

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product name, promotions, availability varies per market. Please visit website for details.  

One Comment on “Adaptogen Benefits for Your Health with K-21+

Maria Rodriguez
April 13, 2023 at 3:59 pm

Don’t believe an any vitamin or drinks . I’m 67 years old all do sleep 6 hrs. Day don’t eat red meat. Drink lot water . Coffee twice a day wit no sugar or cream make my own tea wit cinnamon and turmeric roots lime zest .


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