October 14, 2022

Special Message from Texas Children’s Health

Did you know Saturday, October 15, 2022 was dubbed National Sweetest Day in the United States? 💞 What a beautiful reminder to share a kind thought, gift or gesture of kindness with someone in need. Thank you Immunotec Family for providing support to children around the world who are immunocompromised due to: malnutrition, disease, poor living conditions and lack of medical, educational and psychological care through our ImmunoKIDS foundation. Your kindness and support makes the world a better place.

$10,000 USD to Texas Children’s Medical Center Foundation

Special Message from @childrens health below. ImmunoKIDS is supporting:Charity Care Fund (for Cancer and Blood Disorder pediatric patients)

Children’s Health is committed to making life better for children. As one of the largest and most prestigious pediatric health care providers in the country and the leading pediatric health care system in North Texas. Children’s Health cares for children through more than 750,000 patient visits annually. When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, many parents are unable to handle the financial implications of an extended hospital stay and the costs associated to medical care. To help these families focus more on helping their children heal rather than the stresses of financial difficulty this fund provides financial support for qualified families to obtain essential items such as meals, medications and medical supplies, clothing, transportation, and lodging while their child receives hospital care. This support can be crucial for families experiencing the unthinkable.

Join Our November 12 ImmunoKIDS 5K!

Step 1✅: Get your team together to create a 5K training routine and fundraising campaign.

Step 2🏃‍♀️: Document your training/exercise routine to tell us how Immunocal Sport supports your performance and recovery in preparation for this incredible cause.
Step 3📸: Complete your 5K run on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12th 2022. Click here for more information.

Step 4📲: Share your results by tagging @immunotec and using the hashtags #TeamSport #ImmunoKIDS5K.

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