October 14, 2022

Sweeten Your Prospecting In October!

October is usually a month for the kids. During these 31 days, people decorate their houses and get into costumes. Plus, what most people look forward to: there’s candy everywhere.

But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this season. Let alone an adult that doesn’t take advantage of this great opportunity for prospecting. Yes, prospecting in October! Think outside the box and challenge yourself to do different activities… a change in your routine may increase the Customers and Consultants in your organization.

Give away more than candy

Parents usually accompany their children when trick-or-treating. Take some Magalogs with you and hand them to adults. This way, apart from candy, you will also be sharing wellness.

Count candy bars instead of “No’s”

In the multi-level marketing industry, it is said that, for every 10 people that say “no”, there is 1 that says “yes.” Take every “no” as a candy bar and store it in a jar. As it fills up, you’ll know that you’re closer to that “yes” for your business. Objections will have a sweeter connotation this month.

Take advantage of product samples

Booster/Optimizer Performance, Cogniva or K-21+ are perfect for an immediate experience. If you go trick-or-treating with your children, or if you stay at home handing out candies, share a pouch of Booster Performance, a Cogniva chewable tablet, or a little cup of K-21+ with the adults. Don’t forget to include your business card with the sample, along with a video or product information sheet!

Celebrate a Halloween party with your employees

Propose a contest ending at the end of the month, and give out a prize at the party. What about rewarding the Consultant with the most registrations during October? Or what about having the Consultant with the least opportunity meetings pay for the party food? These challenges motivate and encourage you to try different things.

Get an Immunotec costume

Options are endless! Have fun creating a human size shaker cup costume or your own Immunocal pouch costume. There will definitely be people asking about your “character”. This will be the perfect opportunity to talk about the products and the business opportunity.

Written By: Carolina Moreno

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