October 27, 2022

Meet the Team Sport Athlete of the Month: Chris Thompson

It was 1998, and the Marrakech sun was beating down on the athletes at the World Cross Country Championships. Chris Thompson was there, running the first international race of his life.

Although he started practicing at 14 years old – his passion awakened in Morocco, at that competition. “Inside me, I found it was a real addiction to push my body to the limit and fight against my own threshold of pain. One of the purest ways to push my body to its aerobic maximum,” he said in an interview.

That’s right. The sport has allowed him to connect with all sides of his inner being. And as you might expect, such a tough workout requires an equally conscious recovery. That’s why Chris recovers by drinking plenty of liquids, getting quality sleep, and avoiding stress as much as possible.

He has been taking Immunocal for 10 years, and this has also helped him with his athletic performance. “I have seen a much greater tolerance and improvement in my recovery and overall health by taking it. The day after exercise is very evident to me, as I am extremely aware of how much Immunocal has helped me recover after a hard session,” he said when asked about the product. “My energy levels have improved a lot,” he added.

Chris is one of many examples in the world of discipline, perseverance and passion. He carries his life purpose in everything he does and is driven by what is truly important to him: people. “I love to see others as well as myself achieve our dreams and help each other on our journeys to bring out the best in ourselves.”

Meet Chris Thompson:

How long have you been practicing your sport?

“I first ran internationally in 1998 – 24 years ago. Running in the World Cross country Champs held in Marrakesh Morocco. But I have been running/racing since I was 14 years old, starting at school and my love and passion grew from there.”

What do you feel most passionate about?

“People. I love to see others and well as myself achieve their dreams and sharing/helping each other in our journeys to make the best of ourselves.”

How do you feel after a competition? 

“Depends on the result, the competition, the event distance. Dealing with pre and post emotions of competition is what has helped me over the years rationalize and cope with deep emotions. Getting that close to your inner soul is one of the purist and empowering feelings there is for me. And sport has a unique front row seat.”

What do you do to recover from a tough training?

“Other than the obvious – rest. I drink plenty of fluids, high quality protein recovery drinks. I try to ensure quality sleep not just superficial sleep. I also like to keep life stimuli low around me to allow low stress surroundings. Like calm music, tidy house e.t.c.”

How long have you been taking Immunocal?

“Around 10 years.” 

How has Immunocal helped you in your training?

“My recovery and general health have seen a much higher tolerance and improvement when taking it. I notice the benefits the most when I forget to use it or have run out before the next batch arrives. The day after exercise it’s very apparent to me in my hyper aware state how much Immunocal has helped recovery when training the next day post hard session. My energy levels are much improved.”

How do you take Immunocal?

“I mix it with my favorite chocolate Oat flavor drink.”

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