September 23, 2022

Safe and Clean Drinking Water

Your Contribution 💙 Many Solutions

We installed our first clean rainwater filtration and purification system at Niños Héroes and Naciones Unidas in beautiful Acapulco, MX. All funded by ImmunoKIDS and your on-going support. Thank you Immunotec Family. Thank you @ninosenalegria

Together we can make an even BIGGER difference! 

Let’s show kids around the world just how much we care by engaging in the ImmunoKIDS 5KOver $35,000 USD donated with gratitude, but it doesn’t stop here…

Step 1✅: Get your team together to create a 5K training routine and fundraising campaign

Step 2🏃‍♀️: Document your training/exercise routine to tell us how Immunocal Sport supports your performance and recovery in preparation for this incredible cause

Step 3📸: Complete your 5K run on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 12th 2022. Click here for more information.

Step 4📲: Share your results by tagging @immunotec and using the hashtags #TeamSport #ImmunoKIDS5K

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