September 22, 2022

Basic principles of a “Road Warrior”

The multi-level marketing industry gives you the possibility of creating an international business in which you build teams in more than just one country. That’s why you spend most of your time as a “working nomad”.

If you’re an Immunotec Consultant, you must have already discovered this great opportunity to develop your business in 12 countries. But are you doing it in a smart way?

Travelling can be exhausting, and if you don’t have the resources to improve your productivity during these long journeys, you might lose a lot of time and energy.

Here are some tips on how to travel more and better:

1. Know the purpose of your trip clearly.

Make sure to have an objective: how many prospect deals will you close in that destination? Or how many mentorships from your own team? How many one-on-one meetings, Discover Immunotec events, etc.?

2. Pack your suitcase in a smart way.

Try to only use one carry-on. What if the airline does not ship your suitcase? Your presentation materials will not be available, and you will not make a good impression… Avoid any delays at the airport and take all the necessary materials with you so that you don’t need to declare them during check-in. The Immunotec incentive carry-on suitcase is perfect to store everything you need.

3. Get hydrated and pay attention of what you eat.

Heavy foods and alcohol can affect the way you rest during your trip. It is said that you should drink a quarter liter of water for each hour of your trip. Also make sure that you take all necessary supplements. Take Immunocal, K-21+, Cogniva, and all supplements that ensure your wellbeing.

4. Have your resting gadgets ready.

A good neck pillow, earplugs and a mask will be your allies for a power nap. Use the travelling time to relax and arrive to your destination good as new.

5. Join the technological era and become a member of loyalty programs.

Download the mobile apps of your most frequent airlines and your most visited hotels. Become a member of their loyalty programs and collect points whenever possible. Not only will you get discounts and benefits, but you will also be able to upgrade your category to travel in business class and make your journey even more pleasant.

Bonus track: Share your travel experience

You are an independent and successful Consultant… show it by living the high life! Go live in your social media platforms from the VIP waiting room, share a picture from your executive seat and let everybody know that being a “working nomad” is a lifestyle.

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By Carolina Moreno

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