August 22, 2022

The Peak Performance Explosion!

Congratulations on the tremendous success of the worldwide release of “The Search for Peak Performance” short film.  Tens of thousands of people attended the online premier and were introduced to how Immunotec products can help all athletes, both amateur and professional.  In fact, people shared the video so many times it crashed our mobile app!  But this is no time to let up…

Now is the time to build on the moment and take our wellness movement to yet greater heights.  Here are some steps to take today. 

1. Go to the original Facebook link of the livestream and share it to your personal page again.  Add a comment like. “In case you missed this.”  Or “Wow, check this out.”

2. Cut and paste the link and post to your Instagram and other social media accounts. 

3. Follow up with everyone you invited over the weekend and take their product order. (Don’t scare them away by trying to see a big kit that is only appropriate for a business builder!  Many people will want to try just a box or two to test the product.)

4. The share function in the mobile app is fixed now. And the video is live on the Immunotec YouTube channel.  So use the app or text messaging to share with anyone else you can think of! 

Remember: You want to share this with:

– All your current customers
– All your past customers. 
– Everyone who turned down Immunotec in the past.
– All athletic support people such as coaches, trainers etc.
– Anyone who practices wellness activities like yoga Pilates, aerobics, etc.  
– All related wellness professions: massage, acupuncture, iridologists, Rolfers, Soma therapists, nutritionists, etc.  
– Everyone you know who plays any sport!  (Bodybuilding, softball, marathon runner, extreme sports, tennis, futbol, biking, football, resistance training, hockey, lacrosse, skateboarding, Cross Fit, skinning, skating, etc.) 

The film will show they how they can train harder, longer, and stronger – reach higher levels of performance – and recover quicker.  Anyone who wants to get better results in athletics will love this video and want to get started on the Immunotec products.

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