By Randy Gage

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the world.  Investment and retirement portfolios have been shredded.  Millions of people have lost jobs and many of those jobs are not coming back.  The global economy is in chaos.  What the world desperately needs right now is…



Seriously.  What the world desperately needs right now is people who have an entrepreneurial mindset, a vision for a brighter future, and the ambition to go after it.  Remember that scene at the very end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when they hand the disc to Princess Leia, she scans it, and she’s asked what it is? She answers…



Hope might be the most important item in your product line for 2022.  Right now, people are beat up, fearful, and disillusioned.  They’re looking for hope.  And you can provide it.  Because what you really offer isn’t just Immunocal, Cogniva, and Energy Boost.  You also offer the opportunity for people to take their lives back, create financial security for their loved ones, and not be at the mercy of a job that can evaporate at a moment’s notice.

When you sponsor someone into Immunotec, you’re also providing one of the most valuable gifts anyone can receive – the opportunity to learn a skillset that will allow them to control their own destiny for the rest of their life.  Because the skillset of a professional in our business is an impressive array of valuable individual skills.  Becoming good at this business teaches you how to meet people, make connections, develop deeper relationships, make compelling invitations, conduct effective presentations, train others, and develop into a leader.  Once someone becomes proficient in a skillset like that, they will never have to worry about getting a job ever again.  They can parachute into a foreign country, even one they don’t speak the local language, and still build a profitable business within a matter of months. 


Yes, you have the chance to help people with their health.  You also have the opportunity to help them with their financial fitness.  It’s best not to try and prejudge.  Present the whole picture and let your candidates decide what’s right for them. 

Here’s the most exciting part…


We’ve seen over and over again that when the economy is faltering, our business has strong growth.  There’s nothing like layoffs and stock market meltdowns to get people thinking about diversifying their income, rethinking their careers, and becoming less dependent on jobs.  There are millions of people who weren’t viable candidates for your business a year or two ago, but who suddenly are now.  I believe the entire leveraged sale industry is about to experience 12 to 24 months of mighty growth.  (Which you can already see happening in Immunotec for April and May.)  I predict ten years from now, we’ll be looking back at 2022 and 2023 as the catalyst growth period in the profession. 

I hope you understand, really understand, what kind of powerful advantage you have right now…


Every company in our space should see big growth opportunities. That vast majority are simply not ready for it.  They cut staff during the pandemic, stopped investing in things like research, manufacturing, product development, and marketing.  Many are losing money, deeply in debt, and don’t have the resources to scale up for growth. 

As an Immunotec consultant, you have:

  • Immunocal Sport, a breakthrough new product just launched, already setting sales records.
  • A strong corporate support team with solid finance, logistics, legal, Senior VPs, General Managers, Regional Sales Managers, and large customer support staff in place.
  • New high-capacity production facility already online, churning out millions of Immunocal sachets monthly.
  • The complete duplicable system and Candidate Pathway in place, including the magalog, PowerPoint, mobile app, flip chart, and the most compelling presentation videos in the space.  
  • A strong roster of experienced Platinum and Senior Platinum consultants with a vested interest in your success.
  • The Gold School, Avengers Assemble, Duplication Dialogue, and quarterly major events to provide ongoing training for both you and your team.
  • Lockdown scientific credibility and validation to back it up.  With 78 patents, more than 80 clinical studies, PDR, CPS, etc.
  • A visionary CEO who has been willing to invest in all this infrastructure since 2017, so you are positioned in the optimum situation to make the most of this moment in time.

Right now, you have every element you need to create momentum growth in place, waiting for you.  The only question is – what will you do with it?

– RG

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