April 19, 2022


By Jaime Lokier

I used to see my company’s events as a “work day”. Today I see them as a “competition day” and I dare say that is one of the biggest secrets of my success.

Well, for me, going to an event used to be a real pain, especially weekly events, such as Leadership Academies. “Geez, another event, again listening to the same old stuff? Well, no way, I HAVE to go anyway,” I would say to myself.

Today I understand that all the work I did in the week culminates in my weekly event, just as all the work of my month culminates in my monthly event and the same with my annual event. And it is there, in that event, where I can evaluate how I worked in that period of time. That’s where I can challenge myself, week after week, month after month, to have more people than in the previous instance. Today, for me, the events are exciting, they even generate a “final exam” type of anxiety, and I understand that it would be awkward not to attend the final exam when I have been working for it all week. I wouldn’t think of missing the soccer competition after practicing all week.

And it is there, right in those events, where I compete with myself. My only goal is always to have at least one more person than in the previous event. All week I work for it and on that particular day, if I manage to beat that Jaime from last week, I celebrate just like when I won my first (and only) soccer medal at the age of 14.

You may also be feeling that your weekly event is a nightmare or a chore. And if so, I feel sorry for your business, it sure hurts. The good news is that it all depends on your approach and that, THAT can change right now.

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