Like many others, you might be familiar with the feeling of constant exhaustion and fatigue, despite doing all the commonly prescribed self-care treatments — but did you know it could be a sign that your immune system is compromised? Let’s review a few symptoms and ways to catapult our healing with Immunotec’s cutting edge products:

  1. You feel high stress and burnout
  2. Unexplained weight change
  3. Constant fatigue + feeling of tiredness
  4. Frequent cold hands 
  5. Frequent infections + delayed wound healing
  6. Sudden high fevers
  7. Stomach issues
  8. Hair loss
  9. Yellowing of skin or eyes
  10. Skin problems

Immunocal gives back the best in you: health, clarity and well-being

By raising Glutathione at the cellular level, Immunocal has been proven to: help maintain a strong immune system, build antibodies, detoxify, protect against oxidative stress and serve as a neuroprotective strategy for brain health and degenerative disorders of the nervous system. Patented and globally recognized with over 45 years of research and over 80 published papers – Immunocal is a natural product both adults and children can benefit from. 

Your gut is a key player in the immune system

General wellness begins in our digestive track. Our digestive track allows our bodies to process the food we eat, absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Unfortunately, the large quantities of refined, processed, and toxin-laden foods we consume today adversely effects our sensitive “microbiome”, the “good” bacteria living in our intestines.  This can lead to multiple health challenges including: indigestion, both diarrhea and constipation, bloating, and gas.

 Transform your gut health with Probio 3+  

What makes this probiotic so special? It’s actually a “Synbiotic”; which means it combines a “Probiotic” with a “Prebiotic”. Probio3+ works to support: absorption of vitamins and minerals, healthy digestion, intestinal health, positive mood, lactose intolerance, elimination of body waste and even helps prevent recurring urinary tract infections. 

Free your body. Feel your energy. It’s the booster difference.

Supplement your diet with vital phytonutrients by adding Immunocal Booster Reds and Greens to the mix. It’s enriched with more than 50 organic fruits and vegetables that provide essential nutrients. This tasty, proprietary formula is specifically engineered to activate your critical Nrf2 survival gene. When this gene is switched on, not only does it supercharge glutathione, but it makes all your antioxidants work better.

Join the Wellness Revolution 

From our start in 1996, we set out to create a company whose mission is to empower people to believe in themselves and take control of their health and happiness. It’s that mission that defines who we are today and prioritizes our focus on industry care to bring the safest, most effective products in the market.

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