There is now a powerful new tool to jumpstart your recruiting: the 11 Secrets of the Perfect Side-Gig or Lifestyle Influencer booklet.  This powerful tool highlights the benefits of becoming an Immunotec Consultant.  It shows potential candidates everything from biohacking their immunity naturally to unleashing the power of leverage, having strong field leadership and corporate support, helping take a wellness movement around the world, to enjoying lifestyle benefits they can’t find in any other business.

This is a “mass market” tool, meaning you can leave them anywhere and everywhere people congregate.  Leave five or 10 in the waiting room at the chiropractor, dentist, or accountant’s office.  Place a couple in the seatback pocket every time you’re in a ride share, taxi, or airplane. 

The booklets are available in packs of 80 units.  Consider placing a regular autoship order for a pack each month, and getting them out in the world, working for you as you sleep.  (Don’t forget to use a rubber stamp or sticker to include your contact info on the back!)  The secret to steady enrollments is creating a continuous stream of candidates coming into your candidate funnel.  Order in your back office now and start attracting some new business builders!

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