Your job is taking the Immunotec wellness movement around the world. Our job is helping you do that.  So we’ve created this blog to do just that.  Here are some ways you can use it to grow your business.


First, it’s a quick way we can replay new information immediately to you.  We recommend you that you go to the blog main page and enter your email to subscribe here.  Then you’ll get an alert every time a new post goes live.  This way you will be informed of special events, new product specials, and important announcements. 


The next things we’ll be doing here is spotlighting the benefits of various products from time to time.  When we do that, use the “share” buttons below to send the link to your customers.  You can use them to send a note via Facebook messenger, email, WhatsApp, or Telegram.  Or you can promote them to your personal Facebook page or Twitter feed.  (Knowing that the content is accurate and approved by the compliance department.) 


Finally, we will be posting helpful business building training that will help you develop your skills and build a stronger team.  When those are posted, once again use the share buttons to send to key leaders, or post in your groups.  It’s a powerful way to support your team. In fact, we recommend you use those buttons right now and send them this post, so they know about this great new resource!


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